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Imagine it's Easter Friday...
...and your car is gone - towed by your grumpy neighbour Zacharias. That's the situation our hero, Kareem the Cannibal finds himself at the beginning of "Trip to Breakpoint - The Game". Help him pack his bags and find a new ride to get to Breakpoint in time - the world's biggest pure demoscene party that took place in Bingen am Rhein between 2003 and 2010!

Trip to Breakpoint - The Game is a free classical point and click graphic adventure, developed in spare time since 2004 and released at the demoparty Revision 2014 in Saarbrücken.

2016-02-22: Mac Version is officially up now! Go grab it from the downloads, where you also find an updated version for Windows.

2015-04-04: "Trip to Breakpoint - The Game" was nominated for the Meteorik Awards at Revision 2015! Although it didn't win the award, we received the "honorable mentioning" (aka runner-up?). Thank you for that, organizers! :-)

2015-02-11: The final version of the game is ready for download! Bugs got fixed and new features were implemented to make your historical quest even more enjoyable.
Some important changes:

- updated engine - the game should run faster and more stable now on most machines
- music menu - listen to the whole sondtrack and sing along to Jeenio's fine lyrics!
- hot spot display - hit space to see which objects you can interact with
- insider mode - toggle it with "F8" to get some background information
- better fonts

The archive also includes a walkthrough.txt now in case you get stuck.