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What is the Demoscene?

Let me attempt a very brief introduction for non-sceners.
In the 1980s, kids got access to low-cost hardware like the C64, cracked games and made themselves visible by attaching little intros to the software, showing texts saying how cool they are, accompanied by fancy hardware effects and electronic music. Everything had to be realtime, as cpu and disk space were scarce.
Some people started to collect games just because of the intros. Coding became a form of art competition. The day that someone decided to show cool effects without cracking a game first, was perhaps the birth of the demoscene.
Today the demoscene consist of a few thousand creative individuals. They gather at parties and compete in various categories in order to show new and cool stuff on recent hardware and on retro machines like the Amiga or the C64. If you are into computer stuff and art and happy to share knowledge and ideas with friendly (though slightly crazy) people from all over the world, the best way to understand the scene is to go to a demoparty like Revision - the successor of Breakpoint. See demoparty.net for a list of upcoming events!

How do I install the game?

Just unpack the zip file to a folder of your choice. There is no installation needed. To run the game, simply double-click on T2BP.exe.

Will there be versions for other operating systems?

The new version of the engine which this game was made with supports different operating systems, so there will hopefully be a Mac-Version soon and an Android port seems also quite possible as well as one for Linux.

How was T2BP programmed?

T2BP was made using Visionaire 4.1, an engine specialized for making "point & click"-adventures. Scenes and actions are assembled via a scripting system there. The engine is open for costum LUA programming language code.

The game won't run!

Install the MS Visual C++ redistributable (link) if you get the message "msvcr110.dll (or similar) is missing". On some machines, an error occurs, saying "game file is corrupted". If you are still running XP, you might run into this bug. There is no final fix for it yet, but you can try updating to the latest driver of your graphics cards and your other hardware.