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Unlike in the party version, the final runs very stable now. However, there might still be unexpected crashes so save often (hit F5 to quick-save)! It is also recommended to use a new save slot once in a while in case you get in an unintended dead-end. Please report such problems to jurassicpack@web.de!


If you really don't manage to advance in the game, you can take a quick look at the following complete walkthrough...

Chapter One: "I told you, I would tow it"

- Pick up the fruits on the table and the cigarettes next to the computer.
- Look at the chest and pick up the CDR's. Look again at the chest and pick up the towel. Look again at the chest and pick up the sleeping bag.
- Use the Amiga, ope the drawer "Things" and "Releases". Use the CDR's with the releases to save your releases for Breakpoint to CD.
- Open the "bl4ckm4il_ressource" drawer use the CDR's with the compromising documents.
- Leave the computer by clicking on the Kareem-Face and leave Kareem's hut through the entrance on the left.
- You are now in the kitchen. Enjoy Jeenio's music a bit.
- Walk to the next screen (Skeesha's hut) on the left.
- Pick up a banana.
- Talk to Skeesha and ask for matches. Ask her to join in for a trip to Germany (or just walk to the next screen (Zacharias' bar) on the left.
- After the cutscene, talk to Zacharias and complain that he took your car away. Expose his poor attempt to sell you something for free and get snaps and pepper.
- Go back to the kitchen and use the snaps with the wood. Use the matches with the so prepared wood to set it on fire. Feed the troll with pepper and decorate it with the fruits.
- Go back to Skeesha.
- After the meal, go to the harbor (up) and use the towel with the water.
- Ask Captain Groemitz about the little angry man. After the story, ask him, how they keep themselves amused when sailing around for so long to get the recipe for Canarian Puffmother.
- Walk back to the kitchen and pick up the moustache and the sandwich.
- Use the wet cleaning rag with the pot.
- Go to Kareem's hut and turn on the computer. Double click on AmiFox and single click on the updated topics on the discussion board to get a number of the Danes so they can pick you up.
- Leave the computer and pick up the cables.
- Use the banana and call the Danes.
- Walk to Zacharias and ask him about Canarian Puffmother. Give him the banana and the oranges.
- Give the cd with the blackmail sample to Zacharias so you can mix the Puffmother yourself.
- Walk to the kitchen and put the banana, the oranges, the tonic water and the gin with the pot. Then use the pot.
- Use the empty bottle with the pot.
- Walk to Zacharias and meet TGI!

Chapter Two: "Are we there yet?"

- Find the tool box (at the star of the brech punkt-logo) and hand it over to TGI.
- Ask Puryx if we are there yet.
- Ask Puryx if we are there yet, again.
- Now the navigation starts. Just click randomly on the arrows. After the bus on the map has moved the third time, Puryx will go for a gas station.
- Tell Charlie that you are totally lost and listen carefully to his instruction. He will tell you three directions that can be "straight", "left" and "right". Those are the directions that you have to tell Puryx on the bus and they are randomly picked every time you play the game so you have to write them down and compute the actual navigation instructions yourself.
- The original combination, that Charlie tells you, applies if you want to go south. To the north, it's the other way round. To the east, it's the first and to the west, the last one.
- Example: Charlie says "Go straight, left, right". Write down SLR.

South: SLR (original)
North: RLS (backwards)
East: SSS (only the first)
West: RRR (only the last)

- Use the bus to get back on track. Then have a look at the map to see the where the sceners are that you have to pick up. Navigate the bus to all these points by using the information that Charlie gave you.

Chapter Three: "Well, that's what adventure games are about, aren't they?"

- Enter the shop and ask Curt Cool about the thing he's fiddling with. He gives you a stethoscope.
- Look at the trashcan and pick up the voucher.
- Use the voucher to buy a cheap cup of coffee from the gas station. When she offers you a free gift, choose the feeding cup.
- Back outside, talk to Streetuff about his releases and borrow the oscilloscope.
- Put the oscilloscope on top of the bus. Use the stethoscope with Truck. Connect the two things with your cables. Use the cables on the megaphone as well to connect everything.
- Put some coffee into the feeding cup and use the cup three times with Truck. Then put Canarian Puffmother in the feeding cup and use it once with Truck. You have now the perfect bass: An infasound frequency that can be used to communicate with the circus elephant in the screen on the right.
- Look at the bachelor thesis that Skeesha gave you and turn the pages to learn about elephant language.
- Use the feeding cup with Truck. Choose the answers in the following order: 1, 2, 4, 4, 4, 4, 6 (poueeeet)
- Back on track, ask Puryx "Are we there yet?"
- In the stau, look at the pile of stuff on the left. Kareem finds condoms of which he dares to pick up one.
- Use the condom with the gas bottles on the very right to make a baloon.
- Use the baloon with the bus.
- Repeat this procedure with another condom (pick up condom, use with gas bottles, use baloon with bus). Careem will then automatically run and attach enough balloons so we can fly away from the traffic jam.

Chapter Four "To be continued?"

- Ask Puryx "What's up?" When the screen with the flying bus from above is shown, don't worry - this is just for fooling the player - you can't do anything here but wait a few seconds for the next picture to appear.
- Back in side view, use the matches with the cigarettes and puncture a baloon with the cigarette.
- Finally on mars, ask Puryx one more time "Are we there yet?"
- With the mars guys, first say: "I am Kareem, a mighty demoscener" and then "Do you know Amiga?"